Tribute To Doc
"You guys are the Marine's doctors; There's no better in the business than a Navy Corpsman."

Lieutenant General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, U.S.M.C.
Next to God .... A Marine's best friend
Throughout the history of the United States Marine Corps, Navy Hospital Corpsman have served side by side with Marines to answer their cry of "Corpsman Up." 

Name the battle they were there behind the scenes doing their share.  They have made their mark in history.  All things to all men, to none a stranger.

At Belleau Woods, Pearl Harbor, Corregidor, Normandy, The Chosin Reservoir and in Vietnam midst the heat and slime of the Mekong Delta they tended the wounded oblivious to danger. 

In the face of danger or adversity, they carried on their mission of mercy paying to often the ultimate price, offering their lives in sacrifice. 

When you're wounded and need help, he's there with the touch of a mother caring for her newborn baby, with the determination and bravery of a Devil Dog, and the knowledge and experience to do his job. 

"He's the lifeline between a bandage and a cast ..... or a body bag."

Some call him "DOC", the Vietnamese call him "Bac Si".  He deserves much more than that just call him "Marine!"

Corpsman's Christmas
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