Remember Our Veterans
We went.  We did not ask why our country called.  We are proud Veterans!  Who will remember?  Will it be only those who were there?

Today there is, and perhaps there always will be conflict in the world.  The United States fortunately enjoys peace and freedom.

Like other things of great value, this security did not come cheaply.  The cost has been paid by Americans who answered the call to military duty when their country needed them.  They served in peacetime and war, eleven wars from the Revolution to the Persian Gulf, earning the special distinction "Veteran."

Another part of freedom's cost must continue to be paid long after the guns have been silenced.  The debt is owed America's Veterans.

Some need their country's help, even as their country once needed their's, to readjust, to recover from wounds or to overcome hardships of disabilities, homelessness, age and infirmity.  Most need and ask nothing in repayment of their sacrifices.

We must continue to help those veterans in need with the greatest possible compassion and efficiency.  To the rest, since they ask no special help, we can best pay tribute by recognizing what they have achieved and given our country, by joining them in their resole to keep America strong and free.

Life without that of one who serves their country proudly, freely, and valiantly would be a life void of love, dreams, freedom, a life void of the many treasures so many of us call life. 

We must honor and remember all our veterans who have served our country.   Not just once in awhile but every day of our lives.  It is because of "Our Veterans." America  remains the land of the free, and the home of the brave.
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WW II Marine Harold Dangler and wife Doris

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