Words From The Heart
PFC Loyde "Snake" Arender, Kilo 3/26 enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on  28 June , 1968.  He was discharged on 26 March 1971.

MOS: 0331 Machine Gunner Infantry

Combat Unit: Kilo Co. 3rd BN, 26th Marines 

While serving with the 26th Marine Regiment, Loyde was a part of or attached to the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Divisions.  He also served under the command of the 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade.  (9th MAB)

"Semper Fi! Heart"

Some may wear the uniform
And even look the part
But to be truly a real Marine
You must have a "Semper-Fi Heart"
This "Heart" is not "Earned in Boot camp"
But is "Developed along the Way"
And it "Grows" because of "Service" each and every day
"Semper" is Latin for "Always"
"Fidelis" means "Faithful" and "True"
"Faithful"  when things don't go your way
And "Faithful" when they do
You may not understand the rationale
Nor even know the reason why
But the "Mission" will be "Accomplished"
When your "Heart is Semper-Fi"

Written by, PFC Loyde P. "Snake" Arender USMC  
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